Client-Server Application

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Sector: Preventive Maintenance
Customer Description:

1966 marks the year of Saet creation. Among the numerous suppliers of the car industry present around Turin in Italy, Saet quickly turned to innovation to make the difference and became the first induction heating company of the country. After some years, unique technical solutions and increasing range of machines allowed Saet to develop activities in Europe and beyond. 2006 marks the real turn of the group development with integration of additional product lines such as Emmedi which provides a premium solution for the Tube & Pipe industry. It also initiated the international development through acquisitions (in India and USA) and buildup (in China). Of course, as a technology provider Saet also ties its connections with R&D by acquiring a majority stake in InovaLab, a spin-off of the University of Padova.
The timeline presented here summarizes the life of our group, with some significant milestones and a clear presentation of the changes performed.



Project Details: Maintenance and Development of a Client Applicative Software for the Security Companies Management.
Project Category:
Client-Server Application
Products Used:
MS DotNet (vb, C#), SQL Server 2012, XML
Customer Reference:
SAET Software Engineer
Project Consideration:
AESYS expertise is supporting SAET IS to develop and maintain SAET IS proprietary Applicative Software, dedicated to Security Companies Management.With AESYS’s specialist knowledge related to different Products (e.g. MS DotNET, SQL Server 2012 and XML) our Client is reaching its goals within the correct timing.