OXXEO Media Framework is an Integrated system dedicated to the transmission of audiovisual content over a network infrastructure based on Internet protocol suite.

OXXEO is a new way of consuming digital content, by reducing the need to have an infrastructure of high complexity.



Services through which a user is free to choose what he really want, without being forced to buy anything more than what he actually want to see, using only PC or new generation TV and an internet connection.

Service payment may be made by credit card subtracting the cost of the event online or subtracting credit previously charged to the user.


Streaming without buffering. The system is able to detect real-time the level of network congestion, in order to "adapt" the video quality to available bandwidth, maximizing the bandwidth available.

Adaptive quality. distribution of audio/video content based on Web technology that uses progressive download HTTP: instead of being transmitted via download or stream encoded with CBR (Constant Bit Rate), the content is distributed to the client as a series of fragments.

The Pc client is able to continue playing media files without interruption, buffering or blocks and then have the highest quality reproduction available, without interruption in the flow.





Clips on demand is a short FullHD video clip made, published within any web page and accessible by the user 24-24h.


  • to document in real time the performance of an event, through the transmission of video made ad hoc;
  • allows the transmission of the climate and atmosphere of an event, through the use of suggestive content and emotional value;
  • facilitating the interaction of web users with the promotional message of thecompany, stimulating the sharing within the network.


  • can be customized by the client in respect of various parameters;
  • is published on the web with a shift of up to 3 hours ahead of the event real;
  • can be viewed from any point in the timeline, before the video is downloaded;
  • is transmitted in high definition;
  • viewing the content does not involve waiting or buffering loaded.



The live web is the real-time transmission of an event within a predetermined website.


  • allows you to broadcast a live event that takes place in any part of Europe;
  • You can follow the event from anywhere in the world through a computer;
  • offers the opportunity for thousands of users to follow the event in a contemporary way.


  • is broadcast in high definition;
  • provides a way for users logged in to comment on the direct broadcast content;
  • may be sent into any web page specified by the client.



WebTV is a platform for the delivery of video content organized into independent channels accessible on the Internet.


  • allows you to communicate with their audience through a new transmission channel and irreplaceable;
  • allows the user to interact with the web, listen to his viewpoints, stimulate participation;
  • tends to involve the user and earn its interest by leveraging emotional type of content.


  • The video content is divided into independent channels to make their instant identification by users;
  • The video follows the evolution of events and continuously feed the WebTV;
  • Clips are published in formats for web and high quality to ensure a satisfactory user expericence.


4. STREAMING LIVE (beta version) ON iPHONE e iPAD

streaming live on the iPhone is the real-time transmission of an event, displayed directly on the iPhone.


  • allows you to broadcast a live event that takes place in any part of Europe;
  • Could be directly followed the iPhone with Wi-Fi or 3G wherever you are;
  • thousands of users around the world can follow the event at the same time.


  • is broadcast in high definition.



The service allows you to download Press Video daily video highlights of any event, through access to a web platform reserved for media professionals.


  • available on a swift video material collected during the event;
  • contributes to the packaging of a news report accurate and updated.


  • the video material is produced in formats suitable for web publishing and television broadcasting;
  • The material is intended for use by media organs (television magazines, newspapers on-line);
  • access to material is restricted to registered users( obtaining the material is achieved by progressive download to your PC)



Each clip produced during the course of an event can be captured and published on the website of the institution / company concerned, by providing the embed code.


  • to publish the clips on its website in an easy and intuitive;
  • avoid disruptions to the existing layout;
  • allows you to benefit from the potential of streaming server, capable of delivering a high standard in the reproduction of audio / video content.