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Mediolanum S.p.A.
Palazzo Meucci
Via Francesco Sforza, 15
20080 Basiglio Milano 3
Tel: +39 02.9049.1
Fax: +39 02.9049.3434

Sector: Bank
1.560 + 5000 Family Banker
Customer Description:
When Ennio Doris started the Mediolanum Group in 1982, he was launching an innovative project firmly founded on the principles of development, transparency and dynamism. His wish was to lay the foundations for a new way of managing personal savings. Today, the Mediolanum Group is an Italian financial market leader. Its stable representation on the FTSE/Mib - Italy's index of companies with the greatest capitalisation - proves this, but the numbers show it even more clearly.

At 12/31/2014: 1,081,800 customers; 64.457 million euros handled; 4,386 Family Bankers®. What sets the Group apart, the founding idea, is the way it satisfies clients' needs. It's a unique, global approach, achieved through more than Family Bankers and a multi-channel bank. At 12/31/2014 the principal shareholders are the Doris Family (40.42%) and the Fininvest S.p.A. (30.10%). Mediolanum Group's results in the Italian market have also enabled it to expand internationally and to become a European reference point.


soaProject Details:The Project was focused on “Anti-Laundering appropiate review and Verification”
Project Category:
  WEB Application
Products Used:
  Oracle SOA Suite
Customer Reference: Partner Project Manager
Project Consideration:
Project focus regarded the collection and continuous permanent maintenance of important and sensible personal data, to be frequently updated. The sensible personal data have to be update in relation with the end user and Bank operativity. AESYS’s specialists supported the Client with its know-how on this sensitive topic helped by Oracle SOA Suite to reach the best results in all aspects of the Project.